Beautiful Large Area Rugs to Protect and Style Your Floors

Large Area Rugs As someone enters your home and takes off their shoes, they’ll notice your beautiful floor. For new parents, busy-bee’s, and hard workers, maintaining flawless flooring isn’t the simplest task. However you can keep up the gorgeous appearance with area rugs large enough to cover your entire floor, corridor, or perhaps just placed under some furniture to prevent scratching. Rugs prevent scuffs and scratches from your kids soccer cleats or tap shoes, and all of the in-between activities our children love to do.

Here are some rugs that may be appealing to you:

This Mughal is a large area oriental rug designed by skilled Hazara weavers in Afghanistan. The color is from vegetable dyes, and the design is pure hand-spun wool on a cotton base. Front door entryways and family rooms may best reflect the beauty of this large red and blue oriental area rug. If you love this rug, click here .



Oushaks are a personal favorite and follow familial designs that follow the Western Anatolian conventional appeal of rug production. This large blue oriental area rug is a light blue design on a beige finish. Guests entering your home are sure to ask plenty of questions about this design; let them know it was skillfully weaved in India with wool on cotton. This particular rug is a more inexpensive oriental large area rugs, click here if you’re interested to learn more. 


Maybe you’re looking for a traditional oriental look. Large Persian Oriental rugs are finely knotted with New Zealand’s finest and purest wool. The extra softness will feel so great on your feet, guests will be delighted to take off their shoes! Persian rugs stand out from the diversity of their creations and this specific large oriental red area rug appears to be a two-fold design. The inner appearance is an elaborate design that melts into the outer floral pattern. Place this beauty in your front room corridor or under your dining room table, it’s a beautiful piece that can fit anywhere for a lovely touch. Click here for more on this Persian rug.

For the moms and dads who are watching their beautiful children learn to walk, play, talk, they are also watching their children throw, fall, scuff, and scratch. Playrooms are essential to children’s independent creativity. If you have a playroom or a family room that is your child’s go-to play spot, you may consider putting a large rug down to prevent your floor from being ruined, and your children from getting hurt by falling on a hard wooden floor. These designs are unique and beautiful and perfect for children’s floors and other similar locations.

Click the images for direct access:



Shal’s are wool on wool hand-knotted designs following a Turkish traditional design. Shal’s are safely dyed with vegetable dyes. This inexpensive oriental large area rugs safe for children’s floors and to be played on.


Another fine design for children’s playrooms, bedrooms, or family rooms is this gorgeous Afghanistan Ziegler patchwork design is also vegetable dyed, and 100% wool hand-spun on a cotton base.





You also cannot go wrong with a Kazak traditional tribal design for yourplayroom or family rooms. This Kazaklarge area oriental rug is made with wool on cotton and hand-spun by skilled Hazara weavers following “old” weaving techniques.




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